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Teri Quinn // Black Mariah Theatre // Dead Vinyl

The Black Mariah Theater (Kansas City)


The Black Mariah Theater is made up of twin sisters Sophia on vocals and guitar, and Analiese on drums. With carefully crafted, mean-spirited lyrics on top of jazzy guitar tones, and funky drum beats, The Black Mariah Theater melds multiple genres into one indie rock band.





Dead Vinyl (Fort Worth, Texas)

A high energy rock band from Fort Worth, TX infuses a 70s rock foundation with charging rhythms, soulful vocals and 21st century themes, angst and anxieties.





Teri Quinn (Kansas City)

Kansas City songwriter, Teri Quinn, writes songs that harmonize sweet with savory, entwine lace with barbed-wire, and romance old-fashioned charm with modern grit. Quinn’s clawhammer banjo hums and hollers, and her lyrics are both celestial and cerebral. Her enchanting voice and lyricism is a timeless elevation of the feminine and fearless.