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Spirit Breaker and Light Bringer at Davey’s Uptown

See It Through
LightBringer – US
Spirit Breaker

Pamper the Madman & Billygoat, Live 2019

Billygoat and Pamper the Madman performed together many times in the 90’s. Both bands generally headlined all of the local venues to sold out shows. Now you get to relive the party! However, you get both parties for one night only: this show is going to be all about the love of playing music with the people that supported the bands and have always asked when we would play together again. Please Note: the Billygoat band will be the early 90’s Austin lineup with GoGo Ray on drums, Mike and Kim. The Pamper lineup will be Theresa, Chris Fugitt, Johnny Hamil, Chris Tady, and Marshal Strong sitting in on some bass. Robbie is still a possibility (as the time of show announcement) if he can come back from South Korea for the show! It’s really exciting that all of these people can make it to one place for one special evening. A show not to be missed!!! Get your tickets early as this one may sellout!
*Check this out if you haven’t seen it in awhile:

Super Killer Music Show!

A night of punk, post hardcore, and pop punk invades Kansas City as Hey Radio (Wichita), Cauldron Point (KC), Stay The Course (Wichago), Hazing (KC) and Swing The Lights (KC) come to Davey’s Uptown! Doors at 6:30, show at 7:30, 21 to enter, $7 cover, tell all your friends, this show’s gonna be awesome, rambling text being typed…

Hey Radio

Cauldron Point

Stay The Course


Swing The Lights

Sanction with Heavens Die

Come down Tuesday, April 2nd to see Sanction along with Heavens Die at Davey’s Uptown!