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Free State Folk visits Davey’s Uptown

Davey’s Uptown always feels comfortable, no matter how many regulars crowd the stage.”  more>>

Neil Young Tribute/Benefit for KKFI

This Wednesday, November 25th 2015
at Davey’s Uptown Ramblers Club

Starts at 7pm, $15
David George & A Crooked Mile
Mikal Shapiro Music
The Hardship Letters
Chad Brothers Music
The Mongrels
Two Headed Cow
Scott Stanton
David Paul
The Broken Arrows .feat Barry Lee
The Douglas County Quintet

From Last Year’s Benefit

KKFI Benefit Info >>

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South for the Win-Tour

Presents “South for the Win-Tour”
at Davey’s Uptown: Saturday, November 21
9:00 pm  $10.00

Seasons Afte~
Everybody Panic! (Ex Skinlab,Rikets,Texas Hippie Coalition)   ~
Murder FM (direct support for only U.S. Evanescence Dates) ~
Saint Diablo (Latin meets Metal) ~

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Mountain Sprout Returns Nov. 20


Submitted Photo

“(Mountain Sprout) …prefers to embrace terms such as ‘trash grass.’
(Nathan McReynolds) describes the music more as a medley of anti-purist insurgent Americana played on bluegrass instruments.
What he’s getting at is the music is bluegrass, but sometimes it’s also, in contemporary parlance, not safe for work. But, he explained, that’s always been what Mountain Sprout has been good at.”

Friday, November 20 2015
7:30pm $12
Mountain Sprout
with: Kansas City Hustle & Grassfed