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The Yawpers: Thursday night at Davey’s Uptown

The Yawpers, who recently signed with Bloodshot Records, are playing Thursday night at Davey’s Uptown.

“When we formed the band, my main goal was to act as the audience’s id and to do and to say all of the absolutely atrocious things that people want to say and do but can’t,” Cook says. “People like to live vicariously through the stage character. It’s a visceral experience for people who get to come and be the stupidest, most unapologetic version of themselves for a little bit.”

That’s what impressed the Bloodshot Records heads when they experienced the Yawpers live at South By Southwest music festival in March. After a show at the MidCoast Takeover, Bloodshot approached the Yawpers with interest.

Soon after, the band was in talks to sign with Bloodshot.

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Thursday, June 11: 8pm $10